Updating ui from thread c

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Updating ui from thread c

A few weeks ago I shared my experience of moving from web development to mobile development.In this article I mentioned asynchronous programming which is mandatory for desktop and mobile applications.Note Unlike other code diagnostic tools, the Main Thread Checker doesn't require recompilation, and can be used with existing binaries.You can run it on a mac OS app without the Xcode debugger, such as on a continuous integration system, by injecting the dynamic library file located at Long-running tasks such as networking are often executed in the background, and provide a completion handler to signal completion.I want to do it only with the native stuff I have (no boost, no not nothin)...I googled around and couldnt get the right searches up (as it always gave me results where they used CLR/MFC/C# solutions like Begin. The possibilities I thought about would contain a The Wait For Single Object winapi function should work for this. method=page&id=E37EBFF7-B44E-469D-81AB-7A6BD1A0C822&product=VS&productversion=100&locale=en-US&topiclocale=EN-US&topicversion=85&SQM=2 The link does not work, but as far as I do remember, Wait For Single Object() is a blocking call, which is deadly for the UX/UI...This refers to the calling thread which is the UI thread in my case.

In this demo, I have created a simple WPF application with a button and a label, I will not use the Model-View-View Model (MVVM) pattern in this example.

Edit: If I specify a timeout, wouldn´t that be the same as polling the usual way? I'm just running through the ways I can think of: Next up: Post Message - the worker thread posts a completion message (to the UI window) - the worker thread can then quit because the Post Message is non-blocking. but it is interesting to read about it, so i can try to do some stuff on my own (it´s more fun to reinvent the wheel, for me^^)...

You're question is very general and without more information on the kind of work you want to do it's difficult to be more specific than what's already been suggested. You submit a task to the thread's queue and it's processed in turn. You've not mentioned how you're prepared to "know" when the work is done (you've already discounted waiting). If anyony is interested, and for persons who may search for and find this topic: I came up with the idea of APCs (Asynchronous Procedure Calls)...

You can detect them by looking at the “Async” suffix in the method name, it is a convention to use this suffix to notify calling code that the method is “awaitable”.

In my case I will fix my problem by creating a new The parameter of the Configure Await method (named “continue On Capture Context”) allows us to specify if we want that the rest of the method to executed on the captured context or not.

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This error happens because I try to access the label property of the Main Window from a thread different from the UI one.

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