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The issue with events over WNet protocol reported below for v.2.0.3 has been fixed.The full list of bugs fixed in V.2.0.4 is in the bugfixes chapter and also in the separate bug fixes document associated with V.2.1, which you can download from the Documentation Index at the Firebird website.It will become publicly available in a subsequent v.2.x release.Although the capability to run multiple Firebird servers simultaneously on a single host has been present since Firebird 1.5, we still do not provide the ability to set them up through our installer programs and scripts.The v.2.0 release cycle of Firebird brought a large collection of long-awaited enhancements under the hood that significantly improved performance, security and support for international languages.Several annoying limitations, along with a huge pile of old bugs inherited from the legacy code, have gone.

Several important bugs have been fixed, including a number of unregistered nbackup bugs that were found to cause database corruptions under high-load conditions.Give special attention to the changes required in the area of user authentication.64-bit builds for both Superserver and Classic are ready and available for installing on Linux.Win64 hosts are running without problems and the MS VC8 final release seems to work satisfactorily, so we are able to say we are no longer hampered by problems with the Microsoft compiler.The Win64 port is complete and into testing, but is still considered experimental.

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Make transportable gbak backups of your existing databases--including your old or (even older) isc4security databases-- you uninstall the older Firebird server and set out to install Firebird 2.0.

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