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He has also planted some ungrafted chenin and Pineau d Aunis and devoted a small plot to an experimental planting with the extraordinary vine density of 40,000 plants per hectare.

Each parcel is vinified separately though this represents an almost unthinkable amount of work and concentration; and vinification is, essentially, non-interventionist: no added yeasts, no added sugar, the wines ferment as long and as slowly as they want and when they stop, the balance that theyve found is the balance that youll find in the bottle Depending on the year, Nicolas may have as many as five cuvees of Jasnieres.Ive tasted the 2006 on several occasions, most recently in early 2010.I cant think about this wine without going off the deep end.All this by way of explaining why I've been so silent! All the Salons in Angers, followed by the worst bout of flu I've had since the Asiatic flu in the 1970s.February 16, 23, 2015: The New Order News from the home front: I have finally recovered from the flu. (It's a long, bronchitis-filled goodbye, this flu.) And, praise be, quite a few deadlines keeping me busy. So, if you want to get the posts, please sign up for the newsletter -- if you haven't already done so. In the right hand margin you should see the place where you can sign up for the newsletter.

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