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In 1998, 20,000 artifacts, with several dating back to more or less 14,000 years ago, were excavated by the National Museum and the Archaeological Studies Program of the University of the Philippines Diliman and the Solheim Foundation.Many fossil remains have also been dug up in the Ille Cave, including a specimen providing the first proof that the tiger (Panthera tigris) once roamed the island of Palawan.Meet as many Filipina girls as you want in the the Philippines .

said the government will "exercise all legal options to reverse this decision of the CA." The appellate court last week ordered the Palawan Regional Trial Court to dismiss the case against Reyes and release him due to the alleged lack of evidence linking him to death of Ortega, who had accused him of massive corruption.

Unlike other foreign brides countries, English is the primary Language, No translator is ever required. The cities of Cebu and Davao has one of the highest literacy rates in Asia.

The Philippines is the travel paradise for single men whether they are going for adventurous sports or to find a compatible partner.

He may have scrapped the negotiations with communists and branded them terrorists but President Rodrigo Duterte remains open to talking with Communist Party of the Philippines founder Jose Maria Sison.

A former consultant of the Department of Health (DOH) yesterday urged President Duterte to take action against a “mafia” composed of incumbent and former health officials that allegedly plundered the government’s coffers through...

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