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Masterfulonlinedating com

Last week, Anita Elberse, in her HBR article titled “Should you invest in the Long Tail?

” countered that argument, citing data that showed that mainstream demand continues to trump obscure, niche interests for wallet share.

The network effect inherent in sites like Facebook has challenged marketeers to embed their brands in the social experiences of their members.

The Long Tail theory applies spectacularly to online social networks too.

I’m excited about the possibilities ahead, and look forward to sharing the ‘apnakoi story’ with regular readers of my blog.

Finally, apropos of nothing, I should mention that as I type, I’ve been listening to an Italian song by the group Taramancino called “I Giorni Migliori”.

A Google translation reveals it roughly means “Best Days”. Over at the apnakoi blog, I wrote about how traditional matrimonial websites have failed to leverage existing social connections amongst its users. Long before the internet became a household utility – in fact long before dial-up connections, or even the humble dial-tone – families indulged in matchmaking by tapping into far reaching social networks within their existing communities.

It’s a song I first heard on an internet radio station, and subsequently bought via Apple’s i Tunes store. Chances were a relative, neighbour, or co-worker knew someone, who in turn knew someone, perfect for their son or daughter.

This bi-monthly magazine for “women who mean business” has carefully cultivated it’s brand.

Ambitious, sophisticated, and an astute sense of balance aren’t just Vive’s brand attributes -they could just as easily be traits their niche audience aspires to.

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