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* Este capítulo es una versión modificada del trabajo del mismo título realizado por León Grinberg y la colaboración de un Grupo de Estudios inte­grado por J.

Daniel tells them that the case of Lucia Duran belongs to him. He panics and introduces Rodriguez as a friend from school called Bruno(hehehe did he really have to lie about the name??

Daniel and the rest of the AFIAD team are at that alley.

He is giving orders telling his team to tear the place upside down.

Lucha hears it when Daniel says that he is sure Olegario is Lucia's lover. She grabs the gun from Nuria and as they are almost about to leave, they push something down that catches Daniels attention. Daniel follows the direction of the noise, Leon is left behind saying “Lucia if you are here you better hide" Daniel is now on another alley, Leon spots Lucia and Nuria running away, she turns on her walkie talkie and says “Commander..." Daniel is on the other side and asks her “Yes Leon? ) He and his friend ‘Bruno' go into the study to have a word.

Fernanda and Ignacio think that this thing of Abel's friend is weird since he only had Adriana.

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Nuria tells her to go with Olegario, she will live like a queen.

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