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Midway through the first season, another principal character arrives in Peyton Place.

He agrees to marry her, and then, following a car accident, Betty miscarries their child, but she does not tell Rodney until after they are wed---though Dr. Morton over emergency surgery for Catherine Peyton Harrington (Mary Anderson), Rodney and Norman's spoiled, sickly, manipulative mother, who suffers a potentially fatal perforated ulcer.The writers, already beginning work on what would be the final season, announced several new characters would be written into the show.They would deal with 'electrifying subjects, the war, the draft, riots, music, God, and godlessness'.Pressured by Rossi's relentless effort to clear himself, Bradford confesses he faked Catherine's autopsy report to Morton, who informs Leslie of the truth.Learning of this, Rossi urges Morton not to leave Peyton Place or Doctor's Hospital.

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Both Leslie and Julie are in unhappy marriages, but Leslie can't explain this to his son in the moment.

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