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And the great people of Hull can feel a sense of optimism after being disregarded for so long, and they deserve it.Who knows, we may even precipitate the monarchy’s abolition again…

The show is called “Nuts and Bolts” and will follows the Odd Future ringleader and rapper on his quest to “find out how things are made”.We no longer have to search through the annals of history for glory, from the aforementioned Civil War and the prosperous fishing industry and commercial gateway to Europe and beyond afforded from having the UK’s 3rd largest port, through Amy Johnson, Philip Larkin, The Spiders From Mars and The Housemartins.We don’t need to look back anymore, the future’s there for the taking.Steve Cobby and Russ Litten made their debut performance together in that building; an old listed building whose claims to fame include a ceramic bar counter front, one of only about 10 still surviving in England, and the fact that David Bowie drank there in his pre-fame days; Bowie’s links with Hull, a source of great pride in the city, as The Spiders From Mars were all local lads.These days, it’s more the creative hub for the beatnik crowd.

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This information was released via Twitter by a reporter for the Wall Street Journal.