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Bi rain dating 2016

I go to [fan] conventions, and I’ve had a lot of girls come up to me and say how much it’s meant to them to have a character representing them on TV, and I think the show does a really good job on that with Sara, where it’s not like, “Oh yeah … There’s quite a range of personalities on Rip’s team. They haven’t had too much yet, but we still have a ways to go, so hopefully there’ll be more there. He’s the leader of the group, and Sara doesn’t do too well with authority. There are some dark things happening, but the tone is so much lighter. Somehow, it manages to mix it all in and create its own kind of vibe. hot girls, making out.” There’s an actual relationship and love there [with Nyssa al Ghul on Arrow]. There are criminals, scientists, a former Egyptian priestess. She gets along with the more villainous type, like [Flash’s Leonard] Snart. You’ve also had your share of friction with your sister, Laurel, on Arrow, but you’ve seemed to make peace with her.

Unlike Sara, White Canary originates in the DC Comics world, but the similarity ends with the name.

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