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I feel like that’s something we can all connect to.” Another track many will relate to – and one which speaks directly to The Project’s theme of self-discovery – is “Just Another Girl.” Ell wrote the tune with Shane Mc Anally and Josh Osborne, but even with a bouncy country beat and sunny steel guitar, its lyrics are deeply meaningful.

It’s all about making sure your true calling doesn’t slip away.

For rising star Lindsay Ell, her debut album on Stoney Creek Records has been a long time coming ... Sent on a mission to unleash the vibrant, soul-bearing country artist long predicted by fans and critics alike, Ell’s journey is now complete – and she calls the result simply, The Project.

Comprised of 12 gripping, heart-on-her-sleeve tracks and produced by Sugarland’s Kristian Bush, The Project is the musical calling card Ell’s been working toward her whole life – from her childhood in Calgary, Alberta; through her time opening shows for blues legend Buddy Guy; and even with attention-grabbing country singles “Trippin’ On Us” and “By the Way.” “I feel like I’ve finally found myself,” Ell beams about The Project.

It’s about knowing you’re meant for something more special than that.” With her long-awaited album debut, Lindsay Ell has discovered what she was meant for, and who she really is.

Her next “project” will be to pass that message on.

Well aware of Ell’s reputation as one of country’s most electrifying entertainers, Bush also sought to keep things simple.

But I’ve also gotten to a point in my life – professionally and personally – where I’m just more open, and I’m not afraid to talk about it in songwriting.” The Project’s first single, “Waiting on You,” is the perfect combination of those traits, basking in slippery guitar grooves and real-life romantic optimism.

“I really believe everybody has their own story and their own path of brilliance ahead of them,” Ell explains, hinting at the her own winding journey.

“It’s a song of not settling for things, careers, or even emotions that you’re having, just because they happen to you all the time.

“I’m a better guitar player, I’m a better singer, I’m a better songwriter.

I’m just a different artist, and I’ve never felt about music the way I do now.” Grooving, diverse, and emotionally charged, it’s easy to hear what Ell means.

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Plus, she and country radio personality Bobby Bones went public about falling for each other, leading to an outpouring of support and inspiring her to open up like never before on her critically-acclaimed 2017 EP, Worth the Wait.